What is Proof of Funds?

Simply put, it’s documentation verifying your financial capability to fulfill a specific investment. This could be demonstrating sufficient funds for an investment and covering additional expenses during your acquisition or investment projects. Different entities have varying requirements and accepted documents, so understanding the context is crucial.

Accepted Proof of Funds:

Here are some common options, with a caveat: specific requirements can vary, so always double-check with the requesting entity:

1. Bank Statements: This classic showcases your account balance and transaction history. Opt for recent statements (usually 3-6 months old) and ensure they display your name, account type, and available funds. Be mindful of sensitive details and consider redacting account numbers and individual transactions.

2. Investment Account Statements: Similar to bank statements, these demonstrate holdings and values within investment accounts like stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. They highlight your financial strength and risk profile. Remember, some platforms might restrict revealing specific investment details.

3. Tax Returns: While less frequently used, tax returns offer a holistic view of your income and financial position. Ensure they’re signed and stamped by tax authorities for authenticity.

4. Brokerage Statements: Similar to investment statements, these detail holdings and values within brokerage accounts. They provide valuable insights into your investment activity and risk tolerance.

5. Letters of Guarantee: Issued by a bank or authorized institution, these guarantee financial support from a third party like a spouse or sponsor. Ensure the letter specifies the guaranteed amount and includes the guarantor’s financial information.

6. Employment Statements: For visa applications, recent pay stubs or salary certificates can demonstrate your regular income and ability to support yourself.

Beyond the Standard:

Remember, this isn’t an exhaustive list. Catering to specific investments or situations we might accept other forms of proof. Always consult with us for clarity.

Security First:

Sharing financial information requires vigilance. Here are some crucial security tips:

  • Share only what’s explicitly required: Don’t submit unnecessary documents or information.
  • Redact sensitive information: Mask account numbers, transaction details, and other sensitive data.
  • Use secure channels: Only upload documents through the platform’s official channels, avoiding third-party services.
  • Be wary of phishing attempts: Our Platforms won’t request personal information via email or phone. Be vigilant against scams.

Data that you MUST remove before uploading the files for security reasons:

Personal Data:

  • Date of birth: This information is rarely needed for proof of funds and can be a target for identity theft.
  • Social Security number: Sharing this highly sensitive number is unnecessary and poses significant security risks.
  • Home address: Only provide a city and state, or omit it entirely if allowed.
  • Contact information: Use a dedicated email address for the platform instead of your personal one.

Financial Information:

  • Account numbers: Mask the last few digits of any account numbers displayed, including bank accounts and investment accounts.
  • Transactions: Remove individual transaction details from statements. Focus on showing available funds.
  • Tax information: This is irrelevant for proof of funds and should never be shared.

How to Redact unnecessary information: 

Use a black marker or photo editing software to redact any sensitive data before submitting your documents.


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