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up to 1 year

Processing time

1 week

Converts to Citizenship after

PR after

5 years



Governmental Fees



Volunteering contract prior the commencement of volunteering. Enough funds or prof of sponsorship to qualify for the intended length of stay.


Application for issuance of approval/extension of approval of temporary residence in BiH (you may undertake the form at the field office or download from the official website of Service, it has to be duly completed by hand or typed, signed by the applicant of application and printed on one sheet of paper, both sides). BAM 150 (86 USD) of administrative fee for approval/extension of temporary residence. Recent photo, size 35x45mm. Copy of passport - page with data, last entry into BiH, visa for long-term residence visa ‘D’ - time validation of travel document should be at least three months longer than requested period of approval of temporary residence. Copy of form of registration of alien’s residence - ‘white card’ (only when he/she submits application for approval of temporary residence). Copy of last decision/notice on approved temporary residence or stickers of approval of temporary residence (only when is being submitted for extension of temporary residence). Volunteering contract prior the commencement of volunteering. Certificate by the organizer of volunteering who engages an alien wherein is visible the name of volunteer’s position, description of jobs and tasks which an alien shall perform in the realization of project that is harmonized with scheme of volunteer work, supervision and working time, and time frame of realization of project activities. He/she encloses a project where he/she is engaged, or a document providing the volunteering work scheme, job description and accompanying duties, number of agents, volunteering period, mentorship and working hours, time frame of project realization of project activities. License for realization of project issued by the competent authority in BiH for humanitarian organization. Evidence on registration of humanitarian organization, association of citizens or foundation. Evidence on solvency of humanitarian organization, association of citizens or foundation issued by competent bank. Policy of obligatory insurance of consequences of accident for alien signed by organization wherein an alien is volunteer for period for which an alien is asking approval of temporary residence. Evidence that the organization shall be responsible during the period of volunteering for costs of subsistence, accommodation, food, medical treatment, health insurance and return, as well as costs of placing under surveillance, voluntarily leaving and forcible removal, and other costs which may incur during the stay of alien in BiH. Consent on engagement of alien issued by territorially competent church or religious community, if there are associations of citizens, representatives of foreign humanitarian non-government organizations or foundations which in their names, statute, targets and programs are using official symbols, signs, attributes and names of churches or religious communities. Evidence on means for subsistence: - guarantee statement certified at the municipal authority or notary wherein the BiH citizen or an alien with approved residence binds that shall bear all costs of stay of alien with evidence on source of income (possession of cash, bank or pension check, work permit, certificate on employment, contract on work, etc.), - possession of cash on bank account - at minimum 400 BAM per month, - scholarship or certificate on provided costs issued by educational institution, or certificate on students exchange wherein is visible that this student has provided means for subsistence. Medical attestation issued no latter than three months prior to the date of submitted application indicating that the alien does not suffer from a disease presenting a threat to public health in BiH, issued by the competent medical institution for conducting medical checks. The medical certificate is not being added on occasion of residence extension except in extraordinary cases upon the evaluation of competent field office. Evidence on secured health insurance in BiH for alien (insurance policy, copy of health card, evidence on registration at the Fund of health, evidence on paid individual or collective travel health insurance, work permit and other evidences). Attestation of the competent authority in the alien's country of origin confirming that no criminal proceedings and penalty for criminal acts have been imposed against him/her. Such certificated shall not be issued latter than six months prior the date of submitted residence application. This evidence is not being disseminated for minors of age until 14 years an aliens submitting application for extension of temporary residence except in extraordinary cases upon evaluation of competent field office. Evidence that no criminal proceeding is being conducted issued by the competent court in BiH, not longer than six months prior to submitting application and certificate on no criminal record issued by competent Ministry of Internal Affairs in BiH, if checks are not disseminated officially (evidence is not being disseminate when it is approval of residence). Evidence on secured accommodation in BiH - evidence on possession of real estate wherein is located apartment or contract on rent of apartment, statement by landlord where alien has secured accommodation giving consent for the utilization of apartment with evidence on property or utilization of apartment. All foreign documents must be translated into one of languages which are in official usage in BiH.

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