PALERMO - Sustainably profitable craft business (SHK)

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PALERMO is a sustainably profitable craft business (11% EBIT) in a Bavarian metropolitan region. The company focuses on the conception and execution of buildings in the wellness area (focus on pools). The company shines in the region with around 20% share of the relevant market, has an excellent market reputation and has a large customer base. We are looking for a suitable successor who will further scale the successful business model. Below we present the most important key data about the company: • Sales 2021: EUR 3.3 million • EBIT 2021: EUR 366 thousand • CAGR 2019 – 2021: 7.4% • Regional market share: approx. 20% • Location: Bavaria • Employees: approx. 20.

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PALERMO – Sustainably profitable craft business (SHK)

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