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Comprehensive Service Suite: Global Trade Plaza is not just another B2B platform; it offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored for international trade. Beyond the core lead generation and sales prospecting, it provides tools like freight quotes, commodity price calculators for various Incoterms, and trade inspection quotes in partnership with the reputable SGS. This all-in-one approach can attract a broader range of clients, from newcomers in international trade who need extensive support, to seasoned traders looking for a more streamlined process.

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Global Trade Plaza is primed to revolutionize the international trade industry, and we’re seeking a strategic investment of $2 million USD to further amplify our growth trajectory. With businesses today facing an array of challenges in global trade, from sourcing verified leads to managing intricate logistics, our platform addresses these needs comprehensively. Here’s why this is an unparalleled investment opportunity:

Surging Demand for Streamlined Trade Solutions: In today’s digital era, businesses are increasingly looking for platforms that can simplify the complexities of international trade. With services like tailored lead generation, accurate commodity price calculations, and freight quotes, Global Trade Plaza is perfectly positioned to cater to this rising demand.

Unparalleled Verification and Trust Mechanisms: International trade is laden with risks, but our rigorous buyer and supplier verification processes, coupled with our strategic partnership with SGS for trade inspection, ensures reduced risks and increased trust. As the market seeks safer trading avenues, platforms like ours that prioritize verification will inevitably stand out.

Unique Value Proposition with Global Expertise: Unlike competitors, Global Trade Plaza boasts a team of on-ground advisors from multiple countries. This unique offering provides businesses with real-time insights, aiding in navigation through regional nuances and challenges. As businesses globally seek expert insights to drive their trade decisions, our platform becomes increasingly indispensable.

Tech-Powered Trade Solutions for the Modern Age: Often referred to as the “Gig City” of international trade, Global Trade Plaza leverages cutting-edge technology to offer one of the most efficient trading networks. This, combined with a 25-gigabit-per-second speed, makes our platform attractive not just for traditional businesses but also tech firms and startups seeking rapid, hassle-free trade solutions.

By investing in Global Trade Plaza, you’re not just funding a platform; you’re backing a vision – a vision of streamlined, trustworthy, and efficient global trade. Our roadmap is clear, our foundation robust, and with your support, the sky is the limit. Join us in reshaping international trade for the modern world.

Market Overview

Global Trade Plaza’s lead generation and sales prospecting services are designed for a varied customer base active in international trade. Primarily, we serve dealers in commodities, especially traders and trading companies, who form 95% of our clientele. Our additional segments encompass business owners, manufacturers, and buyers across sectors like agriculture, textiles, electronics, and automotive.
Within the UK, there’s a vast opportunity. With over 5.9 million businesses, the majority being SMEs, areas like automotive and textiles present immense potential. The post-Brexit landscape has seen UK businesses keen on diversifying their trade, as evidenced by a 40% surge in such intent in 2020. The £122 billion agricultural sector and the booming £200 billion expected e-commerce market by 2024 further highlight prospects. Collaborating with trade associations could unlock doors to numerous enterprises in these sectors. As Global Trade Plaza forges ahead in the UK, we’re strategically positioned to cater to businesses, predominantly English-speaking traders and suppliers, eager for global expansion.


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Najafi Capital Financial Dashboard

Unique Value Proposition

Global Trade Plaza offers a differentiated, all-in-one solution for international trade, solving critical pain points like lead verification, real-time freight cost calculation, and financial optimization.

Untapped Market Opportunity

The platform operates in a $35 billion market with few competitors offering a holistic, data-driven approach. This makes it ripe for rapid adoption and scalability.

Strategic Partnerships

Our alliances with industry giants such as SGS and DP World not only add credibility but also provide us with a competitive edge through proprietary technologies and expansive networks.

Revenue Model

We have a dual revenue model—subscriptions and commissions—that is designed for sustainability and growth. With an ARPU of $200 and a robust pipeline of new customers, we’re poised for exponential revenue growth.

High Growth Trajectory

Currently boasting 500 active customers, and adding approximately 40 new customers per month, our ARR is set to see consistent growth.


With a short-term goal of reaching 10,000 users worldwide and $3 million in revenue within a year, our use of a $2 million investment is well-defined and targeted at accelerating growth.

By investing in Global Trade Plaza, you’re not just betting on a product; you’re investing in a market-changing solution and a robust business model built for long-term success.


A full financial projection is attached to this document.

General Assumptions:
According to our business migration plan, we aim to have a step by step transition of the company to UK office. Hence, in our financial projections, we considered the following accounts for each of the main categories.

Revenue Streams
The following are considered to be major sources of Income of Global Trade Plaza.

1.1. Subscription Fees
Our business model is mainly generating revenue based on monthly subscription plans to out clients. Our packages are mainly offered in 12 month or 6 month subscription plans, with the fees that are mentioned in the Pricing section of this report.
1.2. Ad-hoc Services:
According to our experience, not only the sellers, but also buyers are looking for our services, to find them reliable partners in different markets. We consider these services as Ad hoc services, as each of them, may have different criteria.
1.3. Commissions from Third-party Service Providers
Our contracts with third-party services providers are based on the commission on sales that we get from these partners. Normally, we charge 30% commission. our added value for our third parties, is that we automate their quoting process, accordingly, we help them make sales to our clients, while helping our clients receive an instantaneous cost calculator for their trades.

1.4. Trade Finance and CrowdFunding through Third Parties
Having access to the details of the trades and the trade partners can help us get involved in trades through CrowdFunding. In that case, we can consider a formation of a Fund in UK, and developing financial products like Structured Notes, or doing CrowdFunding to implement our guaranteed trades (This is currently at the Ideation Stage)

Costs of Revenue
Cost of Services (Directly related to delivering services to clients)
Verified Leads Generation:
1.1. Cost of Data Acquisition
1.2. Data Verification Costs
1.3. Technology and Tools for Lead Generation (e.g., software licenses)
Trade Assistance:
2.1. Commission to Third-party Service Providers
2.2. Cost of Communication (Phone, Email Services)
2.3. Trade Research and Analysis Costs

Connection with Local Service Providers:
3.1. Platform Maintenance Costs (for connecting clients to service providers)
3.2. Commission or Fee Paid to Service Providers (if any)

Startup Expenses
Pre-Opening Salaries and Wages
Prepaid Insurance Premiums
Legal and Accounting Fees
Rent Deposits
Advertising and Promotions
Other Initial Start-Up Costs

Operating Expenses
Administrative Expenses:

1.2. Rent
1.3. Office Expenses
1.4. Utilities (Electricity, Water, etc.)
1.5. Bitrix Cost (Presumed to be a software or service cost)
1.6. AWS (Cloud Infrastructure Costs)
1.7. IP Stack (Presumed to be another software or service cost)
Marketing and Advertising:
2.1. Advertising and Marketing
2.2. Incentives (Sales/CRM)
2.3. Entertainment (related to business development)

Technology and Web:
3.1. Cost of Website (Maintenance, Domain, Hosting)
3.2. Software Licenses and Subscriptions
Payroll and staff salaries
Salaries and Wages
Dept after sales
Dept Software Development
Dept General
Dept Sales

Financial Highlights
Data Presented is a sample

Management and Team

During the last three years, our management team has been great with each other, and has grown the business from scratch by bootstrapping it. Currently, Global Trade Plaza has more than 40 staff in India. With our team, we are sure that basing in UK, will lead to higher valuation for company, higher reputation and collaboration opportunities, and more profit. 

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Risks in this opportunity

These are the risks that our experts believe should be considered before investing in this case...

Risk Type Risk Mitigation
Strategic Intense competition Differentiate services by focusing on niche markets, offering personalized and innovative solutions, and excellent customer service. Monitor competitors and adapt to market changes.
Rapid technological changes Continuously invest in technology and staff training to stay updated on the latest tools and trends. Foster a culture of innovation and adaptability.
Compliance and Regulatory Non-compliance with data protection laws Stay informed about relevant regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, and ensure that all data handling practices are compliant. Implement regular audits and staff training.
Industry-specific regulations Keep up-to-date with industry-specific rules and regulations. Consult legal experts and ensure compliance with all relevant laws.
Financial Fluctuating market conditions Diversify revenue streams, monitor financial performance closely, and maintain a strong cash reserve. Adjust budgets and forecasts as needed.
Inability to collect payments Implement a robust invoicing and collections process, and offer secure payment options. Monitor and manage overdue payments proactively.
Operational Staff turnover Offer competitive compensation packages, a positive work environment, and opportunities for growth and development. Implement employee retention strategies.
Inefficient lead generation processes Continuously review and optimize lead generation processes. Use data analysis and customer feedback to identify areas for improvement. Implement automation and technology where possible.
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