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Proven Track Record: The Seventy Ninth Group has a strong background with over 50 years of collective experience in delivering residential and commercial properties. They hold a commendable history of 100% on capital and interest payments, reimbursing over £20 million GBP to investors in the past two years.

Seventy Ninth Global
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The opportunity leverages the current market scenario post-COVID-19, where many multinational companies are restructuring and offering commercial offices at reduced prices. The Seventy Ninth Commercial aims to acquire, redesign, and refurbish these assets to accommodate SMEs.

Investment Details
Series Offerings
Series A
Return 12% per annum
Series B
Return 15% per annum
Series C
Return 15% per annum
Series D
Return 17% per annum
Total Raise £25,000,000.00 GBP

Security Debenture over the Company and its assets, overseen by Castle Trust & Management Services Ltd as the Security Trustee. Please check the complete data in the files attached.

Market Overview

  • The Global AI Market is Booming: Projected to reach $1070 billion by 2027, AI is fueling the demand for smarter, more sophisticated solutions. (Source)
  • Robots are Teaming Up: The need for autonomous mobile robots and intelligent collaboration is exploding across industries, from smart airports to infrastructure maintenance, expected to reach $634 billion by 2026. (Source | Source)
  • The robotics market is experiencing unprecedented growth propelled by a surge in investments coupled with the widespread adoption of service robots globally and escalating demand for industrial robots. This momentum is anticipated to propel the market to reach a staggering $141 billion by the year 2027 (Source)

Our revolutionary Trusted AI Suite empowers robots to work together in harsh environments, from hazardous material tracking to infrastructure maintenance, all while keeping humans safe. AvaWatz sits at the intersection of these trends, addressing a combined $1.2 trillion market ready for innovation.


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The main reason to invest in the Seventy Ninth Group’s product is the extensive and diverse experience of the team steering it. This group of professionals not only brings in a rich background in various fields like property development, regulatory compliance, and natural resource management but also holds a record of recognized achievements with awards and honors attributing to their expertise. With leadership having hands-on experience in globally established brands and public sector organizations, coupled with international outreach in commodities and resources, an investor can expect a well-rounded strategy grounded on comprehensive market insights and robust governance structures. This kind of leadership suggests a product that is not only well-managed but has the depth of insight to identify and seize upon unique opportunities in various sectors, offering a potentially high-value investment opportunity.


It is a fixed payment loan instrument and the schedule of repayments to lenders are described in the CM3-information memorandum file.

Financial Highlights
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Management and Team

The team steering the Seventy Ninth Group and its SEVENTY NINTH™ COMMERCIAL CM3 Multi-Asset initiative comprises experienced individuals with diverse backgrounds in property development, finance, governance, and other sectors. Here is a summary of the team:

  1. Dave Webster (Chairman)
    • Background: Retailer, UK’s largest private landlord, experienced in natural resources.
    • Experience: Over 27 years in the property sector, overseeing projects worth over £500 million.
    • Awards: Asset Management Chairman of the Year at CEO Monthly’s Chairperson Awards for two consecutive years.

  1. Jake Webster (Managing Director)
    • Background: Proficient in portfolio management, corporate finance; also a licensed pilot.
    • Experience: Significant experience in the natural resources and asset management sectors, working with central banks and global commodity houses.
    • Awards: International Young Entrepreneur Award at the Global Business Excellence Awards 2022.

  1. Curtis Webster (Investment Director)
    • Background: Online retailer, entrepreneur, adept in capital markets.
    • Experience: Focus on mineral extraction and supply chain management.
    • Awards: Outstanding Young Executive at the Global Business Excellence Awards 2022.

  1. Natalie Bellis (CEO)
    • Background: Global regulatory auditor, chairwoman for Risk Committee in Investment and Savings.
    • Experience: Over 10 years in regulatory and administrative roles, working with renowned brands like Selfridges, EasyJet, and Toyota.
    • Awards: Outstanding Personal Achievement Award at the Global Business Excellence Awards 2022.

  1. Adriènne Kelbie CBE (Non-Executive Director)
    • Background: Transformational leader with over 25 years of experience in public sector organizations.
    • Experience: Led UK’s Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) achieving international acclaim.

  1. Genevieve Pearson (Non-Executive Director)
    • Background: Has over 20 years of project and operational experience across commodities in Africa.
    • Experience: Advised various entities on investing in exploration and mining projects across Africa.

  1. Gary Pitts (Board Advisor)
    • Background: A compliance professional with a 27-year career span.
    • Experience: Headed compliance at notable firms and currently runs a regulatory and training consultancy.

other team members: https://the79thgroup.co.uk/who-we-are/ This team collectively brings a rich tapestry of experiences and insights, aiming to steer the company to greater heights through informed decision-making and strategy execution.

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Risks in this opportunity

These are the risks that our experts believe should be considered before investing in this case...

Najafi Capital’s Notice about the risks:  Investing in a Fixed Income Real Estate Bond backed by company assets brings its unique set of risks and concerns that both companies and investors should carefully scrutinize before making an investment decision. Here are the main risks involved:

  1. Credit Risk:
    • Issuer’s Creditworthiness: The company issuing the bond might face financial difficulties impacting its ability to meet debt obligations.
    • Downgrade Risk: The risk that a credit rating agency downgrades the credit rating of the bond, impacting its market value negatively.
  2. Market Risk:
    • Interest Rate Risk: A rise in interest rates can lead to a decline in the bond’s value.
    • Economic Downturn: Economic instability can adversely affect the real estate market, hence the value of the underlying assets.
  3. Liquidity Risk:
    • Asset Liquidity: Difficulty in selling the underlying real estate assets in a timely manner at a reasonable price.
    • Market Liquidity: Limited market liquidity can make it difficult to sell the bonds without a substantial loss.
  4. Legal and Regulatory Risk:
    • Changes in Legislation: Regulatory changes could affect the real estate market or corporate bond market adversely.
    • Compliance Issues: The company must adhere to all legal requirements, including those pertaining to the maintenance and management of the assets backing the bonds.
  5. Operational Risk:
    • Management: Ineffective management can deteriorate the value of the real estate assets.
    • Maintenance: The underlying assets require regular maintenance, failure of which can depreciate the asset value.
  6. Asset-Specific Risks:
    • Location: The assets might be located in geographies prone to natural disasters or socio-economic instabilities.
    • Property Value Fluctuation: The value of the real estate property might fluctuate due to market dynamics, affecting the bond value.
  7. Reinvestment Risk:
    • Cash Flow Timing: The risk that the bond’s cash flows will not coincide with investment opportunities, forcing investors to reinvest at lower rates.
  8. Inflation Risk:
    • Purchasing Power: Inflation can erode the purchasing power of the bond’s future cash flows.
  9. Concentration Risk:
    • Diversification: If the bond is backed by a limited number of assets or assets in a narrow geographic area, it exposes investors to concentration risk.
  10. Foreign Exchange Risk (if applicable):
    • Currency Fluctuations: For investors investing across borders, fluctuating currency values can impact returns.

To manage these risks effectively, companies and investors should conduct a comprehensive due diligence process, possibly involving consulting with legal, accounting, and financial experts to evaluate the bond’s structure, the quality of the underlying assets, and the issuer’s creditworthiness. They should also continuously monitor market conditions and economic indicators for informed investment decisions.

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