Carpentry shop with CNC milling technology with major customers

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1. Business Overview: The business, named “Carpentry shop with CNC milling technology with major customers,” operates in the woodworking/carpentry/joinery industry. Located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, the company was established in 1990 and currently has 7 employees. It specializes in innovative wood construction and design solutions, serving industrial and commercial clients in Germany and neighboring countries. 2. Financial Highlights: Financial details are confidential and will be provided upon request. 3. Market Position and Competitive Edge: The company holds a unique position in the industry, owing to its extensive experience in series production for major customers. With a focus on creative and high-quality solutions, the business stands out for its innovative manufacturing technology and diverse processing capabilities. This includes the combination of wood and other materials, giving it a competitive advantage in the market. 4. Investment Rationale: This opportunity presents lucrative investment prospects due to the company’s strong growth potential, established market presence, and high level of awareness among industrial and large buyers. The business is positioned to capitalize on market trends by delivering creative and high-quality woodworking solutions, further enhancing its competitive edge. 5. Business Operations and Assets: The company operates with 7 employees and is equipped with an extensive and modern machine park in its own production facility/workshop. The significant assets included in the sale comprise the machinery, intellectual property, and customer lists. 6. Transaction Details and Deal Structure: Details of the deal structure, including the legal form of the business and specific terms of the sale, will be provided upon request. Interested investors will have the opportunity to participate in the shareholding being offered. 7. Next Steps for Interested Buyers: Interested buyers are required to sign an NDA and provide proof of funds, such as a bank account statement. Upon completion of the contact form, a meeting with the seller’s team will be scheduled to provide a more detailed presentation and access to the data room. Further steps in the process will be outlined during this meeting.

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Innovative company with innovative manufacturing technology, focus on creative and high-quality solutions in the areas of wood construction and wood design. Due to the diverse processing, also in combination of wood and other materials. We mainly supply industrial and commercial customers throughout the Federal Republic of Germany and neighboring countries. The long-standing, trusting collaboration with customers can be seamlessly continued. The company produces for industry, commercial customers, municipalities and public institutions. There are 7 employees. All wood processing professions are represented among the employees: master carpenters, journeymen, machine operators. Own production facility/workshop with all the necessary tools and an extensive and modern machine park. The company is located in a city in North Rhine-Westphalia. We have a special position due to our many years of experience in series production for major customers. The majority of sales are achieved and created through the high level of awareness in industry and large buyers. The owner is willing to support the takeover for up to a year.

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Carpentry shop with CNC milling technology with major customers

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