Individual/Angel: Shane Neman

Founder of EZ Texting and JoonBug. Serial entrepreneur and investor in Tech, Real Estate & Hospitality.c A forward-thinking problem solver, consummate optimist and serial entrepreneur, Shane Neman is the prototypical businessman of our modern era. His experience and expertise in business span numerous industries, from technology and telecommunications to real estate and hospitality. After leaving […]

Investment Partner, Individual/Angel: David Roebuck

David Roebuck is helping lead early-stage investing at Wave Financial where he is responsible for the day-to-day management of cFund (anchored by Charles Hoskinson, Founder of Cardano) and Wave Genesis (Wave Financial’s flagship venture fund).

Individual/Angel: Felix Hartmann

Felix Hartmann is a German-American Tech Entrepreneur, Futurist, and Trader. Hartmann serves as the Managing Partner of Hartmann Digital Assets Fund, a multi-strategy crypto hedge fund. Hartmann’s focus and expertise in the realm of digital assets has led him to advise billion dollar merchant banks, G8 nations, as well as made him one of the […]

Individual/Angel: Gopi Kannappan

I am a blockchain tech investor and a full-time Product manager. bitsCrunch | Blockchain | NFT | AI | Product Manager | Creator | Inventor

Investment Partner, Individual/Angel: Keith Yuki Isobe

Keith Yuki Isobe is an Investor and Managing Director (#VentureCapital | Digital Garage Group TSE4819 ). Most recently, he served as Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Geniee International Group, President and COO at Adstars and President Director at Geniee Technolody Indonesia (TSE6562 A Member of SoftBank Group). Prior to that, he was Board Director and […]

Investment Partner, Individual/Angel: Jehan Chu

Jehan Chu is co-Founder and Managing Partner of Kenetic, a Hong Kong based early-stage Blockchain investment and trading firm. He has been a Blockchain evangelist since 2013, is the founder of the Ethereum HK meetup, Hyperledger HK meetup, and a founding member of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong, and co-Chairman of the Blockchain Committee, […]

Individual/Angel: James Sowers

James Sowers is a Korean-American businessman and philanthropist. He is a former singer/songwriter who was abandoned at birth who had his music career tragically ended by a reckless driver in a car accident. He is currently a Director @ the GreaterGoodSociety . James is An experienced ICO and blockchain advisor.He has angel invested in over […]

Investment Partner, Individual/Angel: Tom Gonser

Tom is a General Partner and an entrepreneurial executive with a strong track record in technology leadership and innovation with more than 15 years’ experience participating on boards of directors of fast-growing companies. Prior to joining SPV in 2017, Tom was founder and chief strategy officer of DocuSign, The Global Standard for eSignature. He began […]

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