Individual/Angel: Henry Joseph-Grant

Henry is a globally recognised entrepreneur and operator. He is currently CEO and Co-Founder of Send-Off, a startup based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Previously, Henry was a key part of the team that built JUST EAT from a startup in the UK to $2.44Bn IPO. He joined the company before any venture capital had been […]

Individual/Angel: DhungJoo Kim

DhungJoo “DJ” Kim is the Co-Founder of RevGenius. He has extensive experience in building and bootstrapping early stage startups including multiple e-commerce brands and web3/crypto startups. DJ Kim is an advisor and the first investor in Fitted Laundry.

Individual/Angel: Andrei-Dragos Popescu

Andrei-Dragos Popescu (born on May 30, 1985) is a Romanian entrepreneur and investor, headquartered in Singapore. He is the founder and CEO of SCX Holdings, an alternative asset management and investment company, known for investing in businesses across a vast range of sectors such as financial services, digital markets and disruptive technologies. Andrei is a […]

Individual/Angel: Andy Bruckschloegl

Andreas Bruckschlögl started his first business at the age of 12, selling backpacks on eBay. A year later he founded his first online shop. In order to promote the online store better, Andreas began to learn how to optimize websites for search engines. Four years later he started another online shop for fashion, which unfortunately […]

Individual/Angel: Stefan Martinovic

Stefan is a seasoned innovator with domain expertise in technology, real estate, economic development, and investment management. A builder of companies, buildings, and products, Stefan is able to rapidly understand complex challenges while leading teams that formulate creative solutions across digital, built, and urban environments.

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