Jim Pitkow


Jim is the Head Builder @ Thorn & a Director & co-founder of the Smart Tech Challenges Foundation, which launched a $1m Smart Firearms Challenge (2013). Before that, he was the Head Builder @ Invisibly & served as a Director & Chair of the Technical Task Force @ Thorn. Prior, he was Chief Scientist @ Doppler Labs (acq. Adobe 2018), CTO @ Metabiota (acq. Backus/Ginko 2023), co-founder, CTO & CEO @ Attributor (acq. Digimarc 2012), co-founder & Director @ Anchor Intelligence (acq. Comscore 2010), a consultant @ Facebook working on their ad targeting systems (2006), CEO @ Moreover Technologies (acq. Verisign 2005), co-founder & CTO @ Outride (acq. Google 2001). Jim was a Research Scientist @ Xerox PARC & Chair of the WWW Consortium's Web Characterization Activity. @ Xerox PARC, he worked with the User Interface Research (Dr. Stuart Card Manager) & Internet Ecologies (Dr. Bernardo Huberman Manager) groups which led to dozens of patents & the publishing of "The Law of Surfing" in Science. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. His dissertation, "Characterizing World Wide Web Ecologies," was one of the earliest dedicated to empirically understanding the dynamics of the Web. Jim pioneered the field of online surveying by creating GVU's WWW User Surveys in 1993. A firm believer in the power of the Commons, his research paper, "Characterizing Browsing Strategies in the World-Wide Web," formed the basis for online analytics & has invalidated tens of millions of dollars of patent lawsuits. Jim graduated Cum Laude in Psychology from the University of Colorado. While there, he worked on prototyping the first uses of the Web for NASA. Jim spent over a dozen years as a volunteer Senior Backcountry National Ski Patrol Patroller & a Northern California Search & Rescuer. He is a certified Hindu & Tibetan yoga teacher.

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Jim is the Head Builder @ Thorn & a Director & co-founder of the Smart Tech Challenges Foundation, which launched a $1m Smart Firearms Chall...

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